Rubbermaid Sheds

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Rubbermaid Vertical, Horizontal And Big Max Sheds

OK, Rubbermaid makes great products, they've been around for quite a while, and everyone knows who they are and that they make storage systems, But did you know that they have the slowest website in the world? OK, maybe not the whole  world, but when I went there to look up their sheds to see what they had to offer and what it costs, it took an average of 30 seconds for the pages to change, and I have a 3 meg high-speed Internet connection. But, this article is about Rubbermaid's outdoor storage products, and not about how bad their website is, so I'll get on with it.

Rubbermaid offers 3 types of sheds, they build horizontal sheds, also known as deck boxes, vertical sheds and the Big Max family of of larger, drive in type sheds for lawn mowers, bikes, motorcycles, quads and larger tools. All of their sheds are made out of a high-density polyethylene that is known for not chiping, peeling or cracking like paint and enamel do. And they are all lockable, but the locks aren't included. Rubbermaid Horizontal Sheds and Deck Boxes
The difference between Rubbermaid Deck Boxes and their horizontal sheds, is that the horizontal sheds open from the front and the top, while the deck boxes only open from the top and are made to look and feel like additional outdoor seating. If you're looking for a used deck box, make sure you look at their cool deck box benches, where they look like benches with armrests and backrests, but the seat lifts up for additional storage.

Rubbermaid Vertical Tool Sheds
The vertical tool sheds are just what they claim to be, usually 6' tall sheds that are taller than they are deep or wide. This type of product is great for garden tools and makes a great garden tool shed. One guy, on epinions, said he drilled a couple of holes in the back of his, and used a U-bolt to bolt it to the chain link fence in the parking lot. The only problem I see with that, is that since the hasps on the locks are plastic, it wouldn't be that hard to just cut the plastic and walk away with the contents...

Rubbermaid Big Max Utility Shed
The Big Max has 325 cubic feet of space, has double walled construction and comes with a floor, 2 skylights and two windows in the front double doors. It's a good looking shed that will hold motorcycles, lawnmowers and a bunch of tools. The Big Max also has built in holes in the wall for hooks, that look like a pegboard, which should be a real hit with all the tool freaks out there. This shed is only available from Home Depot, so if you have a Home Depot in your town, you might be able to find a used Rubbermaid Big Max if you're lucky.

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