Suncast Storage Sheds

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Vertical And Horizontal Sheds From Suncast

Suncast Vertical ShedsA vertical storage shed is one that is taller than it is wide or deep, and they are used as small garden tool sheds for storage on back porches or in the corner of a lawn or by a pool. Suncast makes 5 vertical storage sheds that you might find used in your local paper. The model numbers are GS4000BA, GS4000, GS1250BA, GS1250B and the GS1250. These sheds are constructed out of a long lasting resin that also makes them waterproof and weather proof, they also have latching and locking doors and a floor is included to help with the overall weather proofing of these vertical sheds. Since these are resin or vinyl type sheds, they should be in good condition and well worth 40%-50% of the new price, unlike metal sheds that lose their value from dings, dents and fading.

Suncast Horizontal ShedsA horizontal shed is one where the lid lifts, and in all if Suncast's horizontal sheds, the top lifts and the front opens like a regular vertical shed, giving you pultiple access points. These types of sheds are great for storing your garbage cans, wheel borrows and anything else that's low to the ground with wheels, or is light enough and small enough to be lifted over the top. Suncast makes 8 horizontal garden sheds that range in size from the GS17500 with an outside dimention of 88" W x 36" D x 34" H and double wall construction, to the small GS2000BW which is 4'7"W x 3'1"D x 3'4"T, and is perfect as a pool shed, since it is also made of waterproof and weatherproof resin.

Suncast's Other Storage ProductsOn top of the vertical and horizontal resin sheds that Suncast manufactures, they also manufacture storage buildings, large sheds and accessories for all of the storage products. Those accessories include wire and wood shelves and shelving units, brackets, hooks and loft shelves. What Suncast's accessories, if you do find a used Suncast shed that you like, you will be able to customize for the application that you need it for.

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