Used Metal Sheds

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Pricing Used Metal Storage Sheds

If you are looking for a good used metal shed, the first thing you need to do is go around town, to all the local stores that sell sheds, and get pricing. You can get pricing on the Internet, but most local stores won't have all of the prices for all of their products on their websites; if they have websites. Of course, if you have a national chain store like Lowe's or Home depot, then you can just check the prices online, but however you do it, you should know how much a new metal shed is going for before you go out to buy a used one. Also, by going to the stores and checking them out, you can see which brands have the best quality. Besides, if you are making picnic table plans, you will need a good shed to store it in.

Most of the old type metal sheds had really thin skin, and didn't weigh very much, so they tended to get dented pretty easily, or blow away in a strong wind. If you end up buying one of those types of cheap metal sheds, you should make sure you tie it down to a cement floor, or at least attach it to a set of stakes to keep it in place. You may also need to make sure that nothing you store in it will be damaged by cold or heat, since their thin skins don't protect your belongs from extremes of temperature.

Home Depot has a unique definition of metal sheds, since when you do a search on their site, they have metal buildings for as much as $18,000 that they are listing as sheds. If I was going to spend $18,000, it would be for a new metal shop, not a new metal shed. They also have the light skinned variety in the $300-$400 range, that actually fall into the shed category.

The thing to remember is that you should never have to pay more than half price for a used shed, so make sure you do your homework first. Once you find a used metal shed that you like, check the prices for a new one online and at your local stores. With online pricing, make sure you include shipping and handling in the price figure. Then, if everything looks good, and the starting price is at least half of the price of a new one, offer 50% of the asking price and go from there. (There's nothing like getting a $1,500 shed for $375 to make a guys day.)



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